Freelance Work

Hungry All The Time

This documentary features an interview with Kateryna (Kijak) Gellner recorded in 2004. It recounts her experiences as a slave labourer in a factory in Nazi Germany during World War II. Thanks, Kateryna, for sharing your story. This documentary first aired on Nash Holos Ukrainian Roots Radio on August 10, 2014: Special thanks to Brian Cherwick of The Kubasonics for the use of “The Owl’s Lament”. For an award-winning fictional account of the slave labourer experience, check out “Making Bombs for Hitler” by Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch:

CBC Broadcasts

My news reports and feature stories have been broadcast on CBC Radio: Saskatchewan’s Keewatin Country, The Morning Edition, The Noon Edition & The Afternoon Edition; Ottawa Morning; and nationally on This Morning.

Some of the interesting people I have interviewed include a 12-year old girl who got to play Don Messer’s violin, a former smoke jumper who had to fight a forest fire in his seventies to rescue his float plane; a classical music composer who lives in northern Saskatchewan; a hockey club volunteer; a fur trader; and a jail matron.

My personal reflections were broadcast on CBC Radio’s Commentary: Fundraising; The Volunteer Spirit, Remembering the Famine-Genocide in Ukraine, Saskatchewan Voices: The Great Cemetery Tour; Love and Laughter, and Icons and Windows.

My Dad, the Storyteller

My dad and IOutfront, a CBC program, broadcast my 15-minute feature documentary entitled, My Dad, the Storyteller.

This originally aired nationally on December 11, 2002 and was re-broadcast on July 24, 2003. It also aired on “In Town and Out” (Ottawa) on March 15, 2003.

A shorter, edited version was broadcast in the first part of the Fathers and Daughters episode of Living out Loud on December 9, 2011.

Beyond the Blue Mirror

Cover of "Beyond the Blue Mirror"I have created three storytelling programs, available on CD, exclusively for broadcast on ethnic and community radio stations. If you host a radio program, contact me for your copy.

Beyond the Blue Mirror is a series of programs for radio broadcast that celebrates the rich Ukrainian oral tradition. Each program features an English telling of a traditional folk tale or legend and a related real life story, enhanced with traditional and contemporary music.

Produced with the support of:
Canada Council for the Arts and Ethnic FM CKER Radio / Roger Charest Sr. Award for Broadcast & Media Arts

Program Descriptions:

Program 1: A Rich Man’s Greed 18:42
Introduction (Dance Five, Paris to Kyiv)
Folk Tale: The Stolen Postoly
Excerpt from Hutsul Fantasy, Vasyl Popadiuk
Real Life Story: Spring Harvest: recollections of Mike Mikolayenko
Kraina Kazky, Duet Maryna

Program 2: A Brother in Need 18:04
Introduction (Dance Five, Paris to Kyiv)
Folk Tale: The Magic Pumpkins
De zhoda v rodynee, Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival Choir
Real Life Story: An Unexpected Meeting: recollections of Ostap Gellner
Family Harmony, Jeffrey Stephaniuk and Willie Hunchak

Program 3: For Eternity 18:24
Introduction (Dance Five, Paris to Kyiv)
Legend: The Eternal Bride
Oy u vyshnevomu sadochku, Lastiwka Choir and Orchestra
Real Life Story: Michalina by Linda Mikolayenko
Joy of all Sorrow, Oleksa Lozowchuk